Accelerate: Take your Business to the Next Level is an eight-week program to help businesses grow by providing intensive guidance, support, and structure. Business owners will identify if it is time to scale their business and the types of growth. This program will also help the business owner prepare to become an employer

Session 1: 7/18/2024 - Orienatation

Session 2: 7/25/2024 - Is It Time To Scale Your Business?

  • Timing Considerations
  • Human Resources
  • Planning is Key
  • Are you prepared for the risk?
  • Are you informed
  • Why growth is not always good

Session 3: 8/1/2024- Types Of Growth Strategies

  • Market Development/Penetration
  • Market Disruption
  • Product Expansion or Diversification
  • New Channels (e-commerce – brick and mortar)
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Acquisitions
  • Organic Growth

Session 4: 8/8/2024 - Financials  

  • Understanding their finances by going over the sheets
  • Understanding the cost of business such as sales, expenses, business insurance, etc.
  • Understanding who they need to seek, accountant or financial advisor.
  • Reviewing your service/product’s prices
  • Funding Growth

Session 5: 8/15/2024 - Human Resources

  • Follow fellow industry members on SM
  • Sign up for newsletters, blogs, and news related to your industry for new trends.
  • Increase your visibility in the community
  • Collaborate with companies with mutual target markets
  • Follow potential collaborators on LinkedIn
  • Research Industry Associations for Resources and Events

Session 6: 8/22/2024 - Tune Into Your Industry

  • Payroll
  • Marketing for employees
  • Interview and Hiring employees
  • Employee handbook
  • Keeping and training employees

Session 7: 8/29/2024 - Be Fearless With Caution

  • What is the risk-reward?
  • Weigh risk factors
  • Plan for roadblock
  • Need to adapt strategies for a long, difficult learning curve of new strategies.
  • Expect the unexpected

Session 8: 9/5/2024 - Graduation!

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